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If you had to choose... B8.5 A4 or B8 S4/S5?

Hey all. Really new to the audi scene. I'm upgrading my old car to something more reliable for school soon and was stuck between these 3 choices. All are about the same cost ($15-17k), and all 3 have insurance that is close enough to where it doesn't matter too much for me. uc browser

I love the facelifted (b8.5) shareit gen. It's really beautiful. That said, is the 2.0t an ok choice when it comes to power and upgrade-ability? (edit: and reliability?)

I'm not as much of a fan of theAppvn Bcars, although still pretty cars for sure. I think I prefer the 3.0t supercharged engine over the
other two (I've heard reliability is insane on this drivetrain) and the plus of having alcantara and more options is really promising to me..

I've never driven the S5 so I have no clue how the 4.2l v8 is in them. Can someone chime in for me on how they are compared to the 2.0t and 3.0t? Basically the same car options-wise as the S4.

Any help at all is appreciated, I'm super undecided.

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Re : If you had to choose... B8.5 A4 or B8 S4/S5?

Bonjour joe77, bienvenue smile

Une présentation est appréciée sur le forum, ça se passe ici: Présentation, merci.

(This is a french speaking forum here, please write in french if you want to have answers)


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Re : If you had to choose... B8.5 A4 or B8 S4/S5?


plus_un pour la présentation! C'est la base, merci.


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